Resources for couples

You care deeply about each other, but keep having the same fight over and over. Distance grows over time, and before you know it you're on the brink of ending the relationship. But there is hope. With counseling, you can find healthier ways to communicate, uncover the "hidden issues" that are driving your ongoing fights, and feel closer and more appreciative of each other.


I have special training in helping with relationship issues and couples counseling. Contact me here.

Here are some more helpful resources for couples.

Why it's helpful: On this website there are tons of resources for how to make sure you're in a healthy relationship. If you've ever wondered that, there are several quizzes you can take, including a quiz examining your own behavior in relationship, titled Am I a Good Partner? Couples counseling isn't effective if there is abuse or domestic violence in a relationship. If you don't feel safe in your relationship, this website also has safety resources and a 24/7 chat line you can contact for help. You do not have to deal with an unsafe situation on your own.

The Gottman Institute

Why it's helpful: The Gottmans are so famous in the field of couples counseling for a reason. John and Julie Gottman have been researching relationships - and then putting that research into practical applications for couples - for more than 30 years. On their website you can find tons of free resources, as well as their many helpful books. I would recommend their book 7 Principles of a Healthy Marriage as a helpful starting point.

Esther Perel's Ted Talk on infidelity. And her podcast. 

Why it's helpful: Esther Perel has a unique vision of relationships that may inspire you. She places relationships in a cultural context, noting how much pressure we place on them now that we no longer live in villages, among communities and close to our family members. In her podcast, you can listen to real couples talk about their issues. You might be surprised by her approaches.

The Ethical Slut. 


Why it's helpful: If  you are in a polyamorous or open relationship - or you're curious about how to go about doing that - this is a great book with a lot of tips and real-life stories about navigating some of the complexities that may arise.

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